Media Diary

Today I will walk through my media day.

8am: I wake up by my iphone alarm, meaning I have to pick my phone in order to turn off my alarm. Since I am holding my phone, I start by checking my emails. I look at my emails to see if there any updates or any emails I need to follow up on.

9am: I am clocking into work, while I am uploading all my systems, I start checking my outlook work email. As well our social media page we have that is called The Union. This internal social media platform we use is for all internal news, updated, events.

1130am: I have a 15min break during work, most of the time I use that to look at my social media platforms. The first one is Instagram, scroll through, read some captions, like pictures, see my friends story. Then I move over to TikTok, scroll through some videos until my 15min is over.

1pm: I have 30min lunch break, since I do not have cable I am always a day before on my favorite shows. I have Hulu, I use my lunch break to eat some food and watch on the shows I am behind on.

4pm: I have my last 15 min break, I most likely I did not finish my show. I will finish up the remaining of show on my last break. I will use some of that time to look up some products on Amazon to shop around for house items or personal products such as shoes, clothes, makeup and hair products.

6pm: I will log off work for the day, I will decompose lay down a bit. I will lay down to go on social media again. I will go on to instagram and Tiktok again to scroll through a bit.

7pm: I will start getting ready to for the gym. Once I am at the gym will use my apple music to work out to. I will be at the gym for about an hour. As well while I am listening to music I will use instagram to pull up other gym influencers to see their workouts videos I can use into my workout.

830pm: I am getting dinner ready, I like to look up cook recipes on the web and as well on Tiktok. I use both as reference to make a new dinner dish to change things up a bit.

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