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Fact Check-Texas shooter was a U.S. citizen, according to Texas Governor

The fact check issue is stating social media users are claiming that Salvador Ramos, who killed 19 children and two teachers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas was an illegal immigrant. People started making claims and questioning Salvador Ramos’s status in the US.
“However, no official evidence to support these claims was found, leading to a major online controversy regarding the gunman. Several social media users also took to Twitter to share their reactions to the allegations.” (Roy, B. (2022, June 1)

People started making assumptions about Salvador Ramos’s status, but there were never facts or suggestions about his legal status.

Here is an example of a social media example of someone making claims of Salvador Ramos legal status.

The USA post from El Pais stated otherwise. They found out that Salvador Ramos was born in North Dakota. “According to Roland Gutierrez, a local senator who had access to police reports, Ramos was born in North Dakota.” Beauregard, L. P. (2022, May 25). Texas Governor Gregg Abbott and a Texas state senator have said that the Uvalde shooter Salvador Ramos was a U.S. citizen.

They had made other assumptions about Salvador Ramos being transgender or a cross-dresser. However, the pictures they had used weren’t him. They were from someone else that someone took their pictures. Social media always take action into their own hands to either try to solve the issues or make the situation more of a problem. Does his legal status going to changing the action he took? Does his legal status impact the real problems of the gun laws?

It is one thing to try to find solutions to the case or find ways to make an impact on the known issues. But to make assumptions about the shooter and make false accusations is different. Making false statements won’t change what happened. Everyone has the right to speak their opinions, but we can’t feed into a horrible situation like this. Instead, those are the times to come together and find a way to make a real change using the power of social media.


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